Horse And Carriage Funeral Services

The loss of a loved one can be a difficult time. Our funeral services are elegant and dignified, offering only the best. We offer our funeral horse and carriage services throughout the state of Florida. We are available on short notice to accommodate last-minute planning.

Our funeral carriages are designed and built by us at Downtown Horse And Carriage, to provide a relevant and modern approach to a classic tradition. Our horses are trained to handle any type of family custom, from New Orleans style bands to twenty-one gun salutes. We can operate safely on city roads so a memorable procession with the horse and carriage is a guarantee. We are able and willing to work with all faiths and cultures for any practice or memorial service your family would like to observe. We are the most experienced funeral horse and carriage service in the state of Florida, having provided our first funeral service in 2004. We lead the industry within the state. We set the standard for others to follow.

Carriages are available in white and black, with matching horses. We are able to add color accents to the horses and carriage at the request of the family. Our line up currently includes two fully glass-enclosed carriages in white, two fully glass-enclosed carriages in black, one black and stainless steel Hot Rod Hearse, and we will soon be adding burials at sea to our list of services. Two military-style caissons are under construction and should be available in late 2020.

We work exclusively with funeral homes to ensure a peaceful and professional service. We offer our horse-drawn funeral service throughout the state of Florida.